Depictions of Love

In a world where a lot is happening at once and many things seem to be getting out of hand, we are consciously focussing on a topic that has far too little space in everyday life. Many people recognise it as probably the most beautiful human emotion: love! There are countless ways to confess your love for someone. But what does it look like when you communicate appreciation, love and affection without using spoken language? How do people who have a close relationship with each other behave? What does our body reveal and how is it used? The team explored these questions on various levels and visualised the different approaches and the results. Over the course of several weeks, this resulted in our magazine entitled "Depictions of Love". Immerse yourself with us in a journey that goes beyond the boundaries of spoken words and explores different paths that ultimately all lead to the heart.

Alba Doujenis,
Katharina Klauss-Morgenstern,
Christina Lamprecht,
Johannes Obkircher,
Zoe Turner,
Lara Wieser