The body is our home. It experiences, time tugs at it. It has a basic substance that is unchangeable. A fragile framework that can withstand many shocks. Exposed to its environment exposed to its environment, to what happens to it and is expected of it, it changes. it changes. What we say, what we see and then think what happens to us and what touches us does not simply pass by not simply pass by unnoticed. The body holds us together. Protects our innermost being. Sometimes it fights against us and we against it.

Every body is shaped by its experiences. Everyone has it differently within its four walls. Only a fraction can be shown on the facade to the outside world. We explore the traces that time has left behind. Illuminating the body for what it is, what it is - a home that someone inhabits, more than a simple simple outer shell. Photographically, we portray a wide variety of people and reveal stories that lie deep beneath the bare bare, naked skin.

Konstantinos Koletsos,
Paul Resch,
Corinna Schreiner,
Bernadette Stark,
Julia Villgratter,
Christina Vogl