Pop that Pillie

Healthy - healthier - vitamin supplements? The market for supplements is booming and popping a few "vitamin pills" with your smoothie in the morning is part of everyday life for many people. In this mixed media video, we take on the absurdity of the volume of health and vitamins - because vitamin C pills are not oranges, real broccoli is greener than vitamin A smoothies and a plate full of vegetables is ultimately not the same as the cans of pills. But the health craze is almost inescapable - health is everywhere - and once your head is full of vegetables, the difference between real fruit and supplements may not be so great. After your daily dose of vitamins, you feel as if you've eaten half the vegetables in the supermarket, but this is actually just wishful thinking. The video is intended to symbolize the volume of health mania in people's heads in an artistic, abstract way. It is intended to overwhelm and fill people's heads, just like the health trend does. People should smile at the madness, believe they understand what is going on and still be surprised with every shot.

Magdalena Ackerl
Benjamin Höll
Daniel Lacher
Katharina Peterka